Wink and Smile Bundle

Celebrate the holidays with a wink, a smile - a little bit of glitter, a whole lot of colors and an explosion of flavors.

This bundle includes the Wink and Smile gift set with an eye shadow and a blush, the Mermaid Tale biodegradable glitter gel, the Water-based Concord nail polish, a Gingerbread Dream lip shimmer and a Peach Cobbler lip shimmer.


Klee's glitter gel is made with plastic-free, ocean-safe glitter the biodegrades naturally.

Our water-based nail polish is peelable and contains no nasty chemicals - the ones that make regular nail polish stink.

The lip shimmer is a salad bowl of natuarl oils, butters, natural flavors and shimmers that keep lips moisturized and happy.


BONUS makeup bag for all the new goodies!


** The Wink and Smile Bundle includes

1 Wink and Smile Makeup Gift Set

1 Mermaid Tales Glitter Gel

1 Concord Water-Based Nail Polish

1 Peach Cobbler Lip Shimmer

1 Gingerbread House Lip Shimmer


With BONUS makeup bag


Selection may vary based on availability.