Natural Hair Care With Klee Kids

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Natural Hair Care With Klee Kids

By Stephanie, Oct. 4, 2017

Both my husband and myself have difficult hair. My husband has natural curly hair he cuts short and I have thick wavy hair that most days ends up being pulled into a bun. Our kids, have naturally been cursed blessed with the same. My 2 year old has the cutest little shoulder length ringlets…. until he lays his head down for any amount of time. Then it turns into a huge tangled mess. Of course, since he’s two, he absolutely hates having his hair brushed. So, not a good combination.

I received this product at no cost to help facilitate my review, however all opinions remain my own. For more information, see my full disclosure policy.

We’ve tried an impressive amount of products designed for curly hair but haven’t managed to find the right product. When deciding on a product we needed something that:

    • Doesn’t burn/irritate eyes – I do my best to keep products out of their eyes, but it still happens.
    • Contains Natural & Safe Ingredients – I’d prefer my hair products to not come with a proposition 65 warning
    • …And actually works! – Maintains curls and discourages tangles

We’ve tried countless products that meet two of those things, but never all three. Until we tried Klee Kids.

Klee Kids is a line of hair and body care designed with children in mind. They are free from sulfates, polypropylene glycol, parabens, & synthetic dyes or fragrances. They are gluten free, free from animal testing, and their hair care products are vegan.

Klee Kids Magical Shampoo & Conditioner

I don’t typically talk about packaging, but the packaging designs on these are so cute. My son is obsessed with all things ocean themed. He’s never seen a mermaid before, so seeing the one on the packaging really peaked his interest.

The shampoo lathers up nicely. My toddler tends to have dry hair and the shampoos and conditioners we had been using previously did nothing for the dryness of his hair. The shampoo washes out easily and so far, we haven’t had any tears or eye burning (again, I do my best to keep it out of his eyes anyways, so no promises if you shoot the shampoo straight into your eyes).

The fragrance on this is very pleasant – sort of herby and crisp – which is such a pleasant change for children’s products. I have no idea why, but I was expecting this to smell like strawberries or bubble gum or some other ‘child friendly’ fragrance. Happily that’s not the case. No artificial, sickly sweet fragrances here. My toddler also enjoyed the smell, proving not everything has to smell like watermelons and gumdrops (but our house always smells slightly herb-y anyways).

The conditioner has the same, pleasant herb smell and goes on smoothly. My toddlers hair sucked it right up the first couple times. When conditioning, I leave the conditioner on for a few minutes to ensure it has a chance to penetrate the hair before washing it off. I was surprised that after one use my toddler’s hair immediately felt softer. We’ve tried quite a few products on his hair, and this is the first one that’s actually delivered.

Klee Kids Magical Detangler

I am so in love with this – for both of our hair. Ethan has beautiful curls, until he sleeps on them. In the mornings and after naps it’s a ratted mess. Not only does my toddler not like to sit still, he also has a sensitive head. So, 100% honesty here, a lot of times he has crazy messy hair. We’ve tried about 6-7 different products including sprays, creams, pure coconut oil. We have a sea salt spray that make his curls look lovely, but it’s so drying on his hair that it makes the tangles worse in the morning.

I simply spray a few times into his hair (usually as he’s running), let it sit for a few minutes and then brush it. I use it at night after his bath; I spritz a few sprays into his hair and let it dry naturally. It really accentuates his curls! In the morning, he still wakes up with bed head and a few tangles, but it’s nowhere near the tangled mess it was before. I can actually get the brush through without hurting him. This has been such a game changer in his morning routine.

Klee makes a variety of kid safe products including their hair care line, face paints, play makeup, nail polish, and tween makeup. For more information on Klee Products, including their haircare line, visit their website.