Klee Kids Natural Mineral Play Makeup Kit

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Klee Kids Natural Mineral Play Makeup Kit


Oct 1, 2017. By Gingi Freeman

I remember feeling like the world’s most uptight mom the first time my oldest daughter Tessa asked if she could wear makeup. My sister was putting her makeup on (heavy duty theater grade stuff for costume wear) and Tessa wanted to play along too.

My sister was eager to give Tessa her first makeover, but after taking one glance at the ingredients list, I gave a firm no, thus crushing my poor little not-yet-two-year-olds heart. (I know, I am the worst!)

Now on occasion I will play spa day with the girls using my actual mineral based and natural makeups, and with my kiddos being older, I am a little more lenient when it comes to letting the kids play makeover with aunts and babysitters on occasion. But I also haven’t indulged them by buying them a mega pack of chemical cocktail face paints that are made in China.

Why I Care What Goes Onto My Kids Skin

From their births, I have gone to great lengths to protect my kiddos from the overwhelming toxic overload of chemicals lurking in “baby friendly” and “kid safe” products. Everything from diapers to wipes to bum cream I either made myself with real natural ingredients, or I went to great lengths to find a reputable source that took health and wellness seriously. (I tend to investigate all claims to “safe” and “natural” when it comes to kids products, considering mega corporations like  Johnson and Johnson like to put toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde into their baby bath and body products that call it “safe” and “doctor approved”.)

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. This is especially true of infants and children, who have what is called a high body surface to volume ratio. What this means is that proportionately babies and kids have more skin for the size of their bodies as compared to that of an adult. Therefore, kids get a higher “dose” of chemicals in body care products than adults, and babies can literally overdose on the chemicals and have serious adverse reactions. (This is why you cannot put sunscreen on an infant – it will literally poison a newborn.)

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of different chemicals. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminants. Other studies found the face to be several times more permeable than broad body surfaces with an absorption rate of 100% of fragrance ingredients!

So it goes without saying that what goes onto out kids skin, ends up inside their bodies. If “harmless” kids makeup contains harmful ingredients such as harsh toxic chemicals, colors, and fragrances – those ingredients make their way into their body, their blood and their lymphatic system.

With all of the above in mind, you can imagine how excited I was to learn of Klee Kids natural mineral based play makeup for kids and toddlers! After investigating the ingredients, I was surprised to find that the ingredients are not only perfectly safe and 100% natural – but they are high quality! This is the quality I look for in MY makeup.

You will not find any harmful or harsh chemicals that are in most traditional play makeup in these Klee Kid play sets. Klee Naturals (click here to visit their website!) never uses:

– Mineral oil

– Talc

– FD&C Colors and Synthetic Dyes

– Paraben Based Preservatives

– Phthalates

– Petrochemical Ingredients

– Artificial Preservatives

Klee Naturals swears off all harsh ingredients, and uses only gentle, natural minerals to formulate its Natural Mineral play makeup. AND, it’s made in the USA!

he two things that impressed me the most was the ingredients in the body lotion – very high quality and healthy! – and the fact that the nail polish has zero odors because it contains no acetates, alcohol, glycol ethers or any other harsh chemicals. It only contains water, natural mineral colors and an inert coating. (Most nail polish are solvent-based paint filled with chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalates, glycol ethers and acetates. No bueno!)

Overall, I am super thrilled with this play set, and I no longer feel like the mean mommy that only pulls out makeup play sets on rare occasions… the kids can play with their Klee Kids makeup set all day, any time, and I don’t have to worry about compromising their health for childhood fun! WIN!!